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    [A] NPH FanClub - Bleeding Hollow - EST - 25Man LF Dps/heals

    NPH FanClub is opening recruitment for our Tier14 progression, we were formerly a top 100 horde guild that recently came back together t14 content and beyond. Our first few weeks back we obtained top 250 US ranking for 25 mans and we will continue to push for ranking as we remake a name for ourselves on Bleeding Hollow Alliance in MoP.

    Raid Times:
    - Primary Progression Raid Groups - Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8pm EST to 11:30pm EST.
    During the progression push there may be other raid days added on to ensure optimal progression if needed.

    About us:
    - Extremely competitive and progression-minded with a non-elitist atmosphere
    - Our Raiders pay for nothing
    - all enchants, consumables, gems, flasks & repairs for progression are available through the guild bank.
    - Everything we do is performance and attendance based down to our ranking system and loot, you will not find us carrying bad players in our raids.
    - We are all seasoned players dating back to vanilla wow that know this game inside and out.

    *We are always looking to add exceptional players to our roster, so feel free to apply. All of our raid spots are competitive in nature and if you think you can be better than one of our current raiders you will have a fair and equal chance to take their spot and prove what you can do.

    Applicants must...
    - Be 18 or older and in control of their own schedule.
    - Have a stable internet connection.- Be EXCELLENT at your roles in raids and be willing to take criticism and advice.
    - We expect 75%+ raid attendance. Trials are required to have 100% attendance.- Be willing to participate in both 25 and 10 man instances and achievements.
    - Have a good understanding of all possible encounters before applying.

    For more details regarding our guild or to apply check out our site at: nphfanclub.enjin.com
    or feel free to talk to Balto, monkljackson, or Yogiz
    realid: draxillvane#1108, Balto#1657, Yogiz#1298
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    were are now 3/6h 6/6 normal 3/4 normal

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    Looking for some dps and a healer with off spec dps

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