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    Heroic Wind Lord Mel'jarak 25

    Going to try this this week. What three did you CC? I've heard a lot of people CC-ing three amber trappers and just cooldowning kor'thik strike and dispelling quickening. Does that work well on 25?

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    It sure does. That's pretty much the tactic that we used. The strike wasn't all that bad, either, a disc shield with a quick heal afterward was all the c/d that was needed.

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    I've only done it in 10 man and when we tried to cc have 3 healers up it became to much tank damage as we lacked the dispells but as you can have so many more interrupts and dispells in 25 man it should not be a big problem and personal cd's or hand of protection can easily keep people alive from the strikes. Even if you don't go with all 3 trappers CC'd it really helps to deal with 1 or 2 less as well.

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