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    [TV] Need help purchasing a new TV.

    Hey guys,

    So i came on some extra money and would like to get a new TV for the living room.

    My preferences:
    between $1,000 - $1,500
    1080p resolution
    60" or above
    action movies

    Don't know enough about:
    if 120Hz is good enough or if 240HZ is worth it.
    what brand to go with.
    3D TVs
    Smart TVs

    Thanks on any advice you can provide.

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    From my experiences, the l brand TVs have lasted just as long, but trhe only 60" and up I have ever dealth with were Sharps and they seem alright. But the 70" was $2500 so I would say try your luck at a 60" for that price range.

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