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    [Weak Auras] Audio on stack.

    I'm trying to setup my WA to play an audio clip every time TFB gets a stack, however, i can only get it to play for the initial buff.

    How do i go about getting the audio clip to play for each of the the 5 stacks? Thanks!

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    Duplicate the aura 5 times for each of the different stack counts with a sound.
    or make it function off multiple triggers for each stack

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    Sorry for necroing this thread but I solved my Swiftmend "stacking problem" (when you have the "Prosperity" talent as a RestoDruid) in weakauras with possibly some help of this thread. I have set up three Swiftmend buttons in weakauras, each being triggered (in the trigger tab) by charges = 0 or = 1 or = 2. and also using %s on the text line in the display tab, so you can see how many stacks you currently have available.

    The button for =2 is playing sound (custom made "Swiftmend" in text to speech) "on show", =0 is playing the same sound but "on hide". This way you will hear this specific sound only when gaining a stack when it is refreshed by the current 25 second cd. It's obviously not rocket science but it took me a minute or so of thinking before figuring out the obvious answer. Also this works best with a progress bar type of button next to these three buttons, to see how far you are from gaining a stack.

    Unfortunatly I don't know the solution for this problem when the skill has a possible higher stack than two, but maybe there is a function that I haven't thought about and/or missed.

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