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    Garalon Tanks

    Can you get away with using 0 Tanks on 10m Normal Garalon? We seem to be at the issue now where our group isn't putting out enough DPS to down him before the enrage happens. We keep getting anywhere from 4-8% before Garalon enrages. At the moment we are using a Blood DK and Fury Warrior to soak the Furious Swipes. Was wondering if we could have the Blood DK go Frost to try and make up the extra DPS. Our Warrior is already getting hit pretty hard at times...just worried the Frost DK will get hit even more.
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    Furious swipe is 800k physical before any mitigation. For this to be viable, you would probably need your pseudo-tanks to swap into an armor-increasing stance and/or equip a shield temporarily if relevant.

    You will probably need some combination of external cd's and personal cd's on top of that, and the hit will be very big for a non-tank spec's health pool. It might be worth a try, but you might need a lot more coordination (on the level of what you'd have to do in a hardmode) to pull it off than it's worth.

    An idea you might want to try instead is have the DK stay in blood spec but equip a ton of dps gear. That's going to be way easier to manage, and the boss special will not be daunting at all.

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    It's possible if your healers are up to the task. Personally for the sake of 4-8% I would simply focus on having your existing DPS do better. Or refining your kiting strat to give your ranged DPS more uptime. Essentially if your DPS killed two more legs over the whole fight you would have killed the boss. Make sure your DPS is pre-potting and burning the legs ASAP at the start.

    We use a prot pally and a frost DK with stam trinks to soak the swipes. It works fine, however I wouldn't like to try and heal two DPSers as it just adds further, uneccesary risk to the fight

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    Our DPS already have maximum up time on the boss. The Blood DK and 3 Healers are kiting. Our issue is we have to carry a Warlock cause he is in Heroic Blues still mostly and our Rogue doesn't seem to be pushing out the DPS I think he should. If im correct he should be around 120K but sits normally at 90-100k and Blade Flurry is very low.

    Blood DK, Fury Warrior - Furious Swipes/Front Legs
    Resto Shaman, Disc Priest, Resto Druid - Kiting
    Rogue - All legs and boss
    Ele Shaman, Fire Mage, Afflic Warlock, Shadow Priest - Nuking boss (but they have to help the Rogue or he falls behind)
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    Yes absolutely this is viable. On our first kill we used two plate dps to soak it (ret/fury). This is easier to do if you are 3 healing but still manageable if 2.

    There are probably other areas to optimize but without logs/composition its hard to help beyond that. Here is our kill:
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    I tank this in blood spec, using stam flask and stam food, but in full dps gear. As other people said you just need plate wearers since its physical damage (or a rogue with feint)

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    DPS DKs aren't great cleave soakers. Holy Pallys and Resto Shaman have been known to tank normal.

    As a rogue, I did almost 150k with fairly poor BF uptime on our last heroic kill. ~120k is not too much for a rogue with 100% BF uptime doing normal. 150k+ was fairly standard before the double dipping nerf. If your rogue continues to be terrible, you can make him tank as long as your tanks will be able to swap and do decent DPS.

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    We're using me as a Fury warrior and a Windwalker Tank. Can get really iffy on the monk at times. Worth noting that you can dodge/parry his cleave attack i.e. Die by the Sword is a very useful CD. If your wiping by such a low amount it could just be a case of focusing the final legs before he enrages or better use of CDs to get the most synergy out of them with other raid CDs etc.]Here's my POV as a fury warrior "tanking" it. It gets very messy and the puddles are all over the place as we're trying to stay in range for DPS (not that it was needed mind).

    If your rogues Blade Flurry is low, are you allowing him to sit on a leg by himself, if you zerg every leg it will be lower and not as much as a DPS gain if you give him one to himself.

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    Another quick question. When his health starts to get under 10% should we just constantly kill legs that spawn as a group to finish him off or should we ignore legs and nuke him? Trying to figure out whats more beneficial.

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    Everything is the same. Blasting legs down will reduce your raid DPS at any percent because it gets rid of potential cleave damage. Hitting legs from outside the weakened zone is the exact same as hitting the boss.

    Once his health hits 3%, ignore any full hp legs. That's it.

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    I've been soaking the cleave (and kiting to minimize the DPS loss for our ranged) as Ret to help the DPS even though enrage timer hasn't been an issue since our first kill. I have to say that combined with Pheromone the damage can be quite critical. With 2 "paper tanks" your healers are going to have a hard time.

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