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    Nobody uses? Wait what who told you that?
    I use it probably on every single fight this tier at one point or another.

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    Shit guys i use zerk stance all the time in pvp when im not in def stance...
    Does not need changing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kreeshak View Post
    I am under the impression nobody is ever using berserker stance. How would you make it attractive?

    I got three ideas:

    a) Reduce the cooldown of berserker rage by xx while in berserker stance
    b) Make enrage effects last 8 seconds, instead of 6 while in berserker stance
    c) Increase critical strike rating by xxxx while in berserker stance

    any other ideas?
    there's no need for berserker stance any more,it needs to be removed.stance dancing is gone and for good reason= out dated.all warriors need now is battle and defensive stance.

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    I dissagree meathead, i do not need the 25% less dmg on the fights im currently at. Therefor i rather go berserk stance and get tons of more rage and squize out that extra dps. sub 20% with raid dmg = endless execute spam, who doesnt like that..

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    I'm not sure about you guys, but I stance dance like crazy (pretty much on stance cooldown) on Garalon heroic - and I love it.

    Along with trading safeguards with my other fury warrior on every crush, as well as dropping my raidcoooldowns. I feel as if warrior skill cap is incredibly high right now.

    Not to mention within all that maintain a cleave / single target rotation.

    They need more fights like this, made progression so much more fun IMO.

    Edit: forgot to mention d stance is also included in there.
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    I liked the original idea of Battle being single-target and Berserker being AoE. That's just as "right situation/wrong situation" as the current stances, at least. The situation as it stands is a good-sounding idea as well, but from what I've seen, the raid damage from most encounters doesn't seem to be strong enough to warrant switching. I should get my hands on some numbers and see what the cutoff is, which will be based on haste and stuff.

    If I was going to buff either, I'd probably fixate on the names of the stances, go RPG, and do something imbalanced and stupid like:
    -- Battle Stance: While enraged, you cannot be Disarmed.
    -- Berserker Stance: While enraged, you cannot be Feared.
    -- Vengeance doesn't count.

    Yeah...that wouldn't be imba at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mooshke View Post
    I dissagree meathead, i do not need the 25% less dmg on the fights im currently at. Therefor i rather go berserk stance and get tons of more rage and squize out that extra dps. sub 20% with raid dmg = endless execute spam, who doesnt like that..
    thats fine but i was looking at it for a pvp point of view.even for pve berserker stance is not needed.prot= d- stance.dps = battle stance for both pvp and get more rage from battle then you do berserker.1 rage for every 1% health lost in berserker is not alot.

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    it is a lot when you lose a lot of health. And it happens in many pve situations.

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    It really is *true* stance dancing now. See a crush coming from Garalon? Pop zerker stance. Hop back out, rinse, repeat. Whenever you're about to take unavoidable raid damage, it's a great preemptive action that will generate a serious DPS gain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whoranzone View Post
    really makes me hate discipline priests and spirit shell.
    ^^ This and only this. If it would generate rage from absorbed, it would be cool. This way I need to monitor shield/guard state...

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    I think i did the calculations a bit ago, and essentiall, if you are taking 6% hp in damage every 3 seconds, or 2% every second (Which happens a ton in any fight with constant AoE pulsing, Elegon sub 50%, Spirit Kings Titan Gas, Feng AoE phases, Force and Verve, ect), it'll give you more rage regen then Battle Stance will. Wth the fights i mentioned in particular, it'll give you about 50% more rage then Battle Stance. This is Arms only, I don't know Fury's rage regen, but if its still 10 rage per 2h melee swing, I would assume that berserker would be even better due to the 15% ish miss chance on melee swings, hit dependent.
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    Berserker Stance is definitely useful, it start being better than Battle Stance at about 10% damage taken per second. However, I prefer the old passif way of gaining rage when taking damage, I don't really like the idea to move that mechanic into a stance.
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