Hello! I am planning to live in USA, I am currently living in GB (I Do not have GB passport) however I do have EU passport. I tried to find some answers in internet, some of my questions have been solved, with some of them I need more help.

1. I know there are a lot of ways to live/work in USA legally. I do not have Visa (I'll be applying for it soon) Any suggestions what should I say to those people? Should I just say to them that I want to live/work there? I also heard that when I apply for some job e.g Tesco jobs in USA (online), then ill have to buy ticket to USA and in airport say that I am going for interview. Do you think this will work?

2. What places would you recommend? I want to live in decent population town, sunny all year and nice community (its very important) that people will be nice and tolerate immigrants, low criminal. Florida/Portland,Oregon?

I need good answer for 1st question because it's most important