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    8/8 HM, US 76 Resto Druid LF EST Horde Raiding Guild

    Keeping it short and simple. I raided with a guild, we went 72nd US in Firelands. We then fell apart for DS, but managed to finish the tier 76th US. IE we cleared up to H DW without the 5% buff, and got H DW to within 1%, but the day the buff went out we one shot him.

    I'm currently in a lack luster guild, and am looking for something better (Currently like 400 US, looking for anything above 100).

    I've raided 10 and 25 man, and I don't care which as long as we're progressing.

    Armory - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...3%ABsto/simple

    Any guild that stops at 12 is fine with me, no matter the dates. I just can't raid past 12 anymore, as my work schedule doesn't allow me to.

    RealID - [email protected]

    Also - my progress only shows 2/6 HM HOF, but as I've progressed through every other tier in the game competitively excluding this one, I feel like that should be sufficient, I know all the fights, just haven't experienced them.
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    <Heartless>, a level 25 guild, is comprised of an officer core that raided in high ranked 25 man guilds and just grew tired of the grind. We want raiding to be fun again while still taking progression seriously. Be a part of something new!

    About Us:
    Server: Mal'Ganis (CST-PVP), Stormstrike battlegroup, New York datacenter.
    Faction: Horde
    Goal: Creating a fun but serious raid environment and progressing at the highest level we can. We ARE a new guild and we hope to build something great with our raiders.
    Raid Times: Tuesday-Thursday, 6pm-9pm PST
    Leadership: The leaders currently have heroic raiding experience, all have been in high ranked guilds previously and got tired of the revolving door that is 25 man raiding. We do our research, theorycrafting, and are responsible. One of the officers even runs a very popular class-specific website!

    Recruitment Needs:
    Open Recruitment -- As a new guild, we are looking for reliable and competent players (more info below) with the same mindset as leadership.

    What We Expect:
    [li]Applicants should research and know their class, inside and out.[/li][li]Attendance is a must. We have a light schedule and will have a tight roster, so missing a day could be detrimental to the guild. AFKs should be posted ahead of time so that we can plan ahead.[/li][li]Forum use: We'd like our raiders to utilize the forums, since that's where our strategy discussions will be posted/held.[/li][li]Gear: Be properly gemmed, enchanted, and reforged and have the best gear available to you. Go the extra mile to hear yourself outside of raids.[/li][li]Skill: Being a great player will take you far here. [/li][li]Attitude & More: We won't tolerate bad attitudes or trolls. You should represent yourself and the guild in the best possible manner. You need thick skin and the ability to take constructive criticism and jokes.[/li]--------------------

    Questions & Concerns, In-game:
    Please direct your questions to Veiled on Mal'ganis, or add me to Real ID: Veiled#1471

    Click on the "Apply" button at the top, you'll be instructed to either create an account or login. Once you do that, you'll see the application. After you've applied, please check back and answer any questions we have.

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