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    Quote Originally Posted by Dotmore View Post
    I was actually afraid of 21-12-12 since i heard about it in 2005. Go ahead and laugh at me.
    Well, since I have your permission . . . .


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    Quote Originally Posted by Geminiwolf View Post
    I am really disappoint that nothing happened. I was actually looking forward to something interesting to happen but no, nothing. One thing I would love to do though is question those super over religious douchebags who kept saying Jesus was going to come back or whatever. I'd love to ask them something like " Soooo....where is he?". They would probably be like "But..but the bible says right here! No there must've been a miscalculation somewhere!" I really hate people like that.
    Actually the bible never says when Jesus is coming back, most people didn't even believe that day to be correct. The bible says nobody knows the day not even Jesus.

    Quote Originally Posted by Daverid View Post
    I have no idea how anyone in their right mind could believe in such BS in the first place. It's rubbish, just like Y2K and any other made up BS Hoaxes.
    Y2K was actually a real thing but we had a fix for it. The problem was most computers didn't store more than two digits for years, basically if you wanted to record the year 1999 it would have it down as 99 so when it would have messed up a lot of things once it went to 2000. So basically a computer would have seen the year 1900 and 2000 as the same year. It wouldn't have been the end of the world though it just would have been a huge pain.

    Also fun fact once the year is 2038 there will be a Y2K38 problem and we will have to change all the coding again.

    This is off topic but some guy remixed Majora's Mask songs for 12/21/12
    I already posted it in the Legend of Zelda thread but I figured not everyone looks in there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sydänyö View Post
    It's never useless nor is it ever not needed.
    The mods would disagree with you.

    But I guess you are one of those people who makes fun of religion because it's the "Cool kid" thing to do.

    "Lol religion sucks" Am I doing it right?

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    Honestly, if there was ever a day that I would have even came close to thinking that something may happen, not world ending but ground shaking, it would have been on December 21st, 2012. So many things were supposed to happen, were believed to supposed to happen. Since nothing happened at all that I know if, I am even more of a skeptic than I have ever been on it.

    I heard of the dates of the world ending before but I always laughed them off. This one I was about half way there, I guess is a better way to word it. I did think something would have happened that would have made it on the news on that day but nothing did. mmmm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malcor View Post
    "Lol religion sucks" Am I doing it right?
    Anything that helps to bring religion down to reality and to what it is, a made up fantasy, is doing it right. Those of us who have avoided being brainwashed into a religion are such a small minority on this planet that we have to do everything in our power to bring the majority down. I guess that's OT though, even though this whole thread is about fantasy.

    Infracted: Please do not discuss or bash religions.
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    There's not much purpose to this thread any more as it's the 22nd everywhere now.
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