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    [BrM] Raiding Tips

    Okay so now I am looking to join a Raiding guild but as I have NEVER tanked an actual Raid before I was wondering if anyone had any Brewmaster specific tips to make life go smoother and easier in 10M Raiding.

    Also one other concern is I see guild Recruitment's looking for people with 480 iLevel now and I feel like since I had to start late due to work that I have kind of gimped myself for the entire expansion so I was wondering what I should do.

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    Armoury link is always a good start. Never tanked a Raid? That's what LFR is for. To do actual normal modes and eventually heroic, it's not all that different if any. if you want to make Sure, watch some "guides" on a specific boss fight or read up on the fight on a website like icy-veins.

    Few tips on tanking as BrM
    1. Try your best to never let Shuffle drop and try to obtain an uptime of 75% in low-end gear.
    2. Guard may seem like an ability to use on CD, but is there something specific and tank nasty on a fight guard could eat? Save it for that. If not use on CD
    3. Remember Statue of the Ox. Your raid will love you but the healers will say you cramp their style with the decent HPS you put out with it.
    4. Shuffle uptime>Self heal ability. Always.
    5. Zen Meditation is a "tank" cd as well when used correctly before a tank face eater ability (eleglon breath+follow up melee).
    6. I've run out but there's lots more. I do advise you check Madgod's stickied thread at the top for anything else.

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