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    Help with PvP gear (sockets + enchants plz)

    Hi guys,

    I am playing a demo lock, im 90.
    I didnt play cataclysm and started Pandaria 1.5 months ago. ATM I am farming the blue pvp gear at bgs and im almost done with all...

    I would like to ask your help about the enchants/and also sockets to put on the items please. I was some years away from WoW and am not sure about what exists... Oh, and what to put on my weapon?

    My main goal is pvp and some casual Pve

    Can you please help me with the gems and the enchants on the gear plaese? Thanks a lot

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    up help a fellow warlock
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    are you talking about arena or bgs? because arena and BG gemming is different
    I need about tree fiddy

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