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    If you are a fan of watching Pro Starcraft, what is/was your favorite sport previous?

    I am a huge fan of watching Starcraft 2. I watch the GSL almost every day etc... I used to watch a lot of baseball, but I find myself watching Starcraft instead now...

    So, if you watch a lot of starcraft, what was your previous sport of choice?

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    My sport of choice was and still is hockey. I do love watching SC2 though, and with the lockout, that gives me more SC2 watching time haha. SC2 is a weird thing, I'm terrible at it, and do not play anymore, but watching it is very entertaining.

    As an aside, how much is your GSL subscription, and do you think it's worth it? My main issue with getting it is that with my Internet, I can only stream at 480p.

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    I used to watch Hockey, but now I'm trying to follow both Starcraft2 and Dota2, trying to watch all big events but they are so many nowadays so I don't have time to watch it all.
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    Hockey or any other intense sport.

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    I never understood why people like hockey that much...

    Myself, I follow lead climbing, bouldering and sport climbing. I'm not much of a sports guy anyways, I don't see the appeal in virtually any sport available except a few. Rather spend my time hiking or climbing instead of watching some football or basketball or whatever on the tv...

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    Never liked watching any sport and don't watch SC2 or any other MLG nonsense. I prefer to play the game/sport myself.

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