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    Anyone can give a specific guide to how fury warriors work in mop?


    I am a 493 i.lvl fury warrior 7/16 hc named Verook on Twisting Nether.

    Now allowed to post armory or logs.... Well scored 26 on will hc and 37 on SK hc.

    So I do ok damage considering my gear I guess, but I know you can always improve your dps, sometime stats.

    I use reforge elite and ask mr robot, tho I dont like using "robots" to tell me what stats to go for without any further explanation. The robot's were made of humans, and how do I know these humans are 100% right? I've seen ask mr robot do BIG mistakes regarding gemming and such so.

    Anyway what I am asking for is a full detailed guide on how fury (smf) warriors actually work from scratch? So I can make my own spreadsheets and do my own calculations.

    Like how much rage does BT give u? and how much does melee give u? how much does arms vs berserker stance give u? How does hit / expertice affect rage income / dps. Someone is saying more than 7,5% hit is good. How much uptime do u have with enrage, and mastery who increase that damage, then rage pumping for CS / enrage and go fullout for 6 sec, i got 4 set bonus, so with 2,5 reckleness, should i use it with my dragon roar macro which is

    /deadly calm
    /blood bath
    /blood fury
    /dragon roar

    or should I use it off cooldown?
    berserker rage when to use? at CS or when BT doesnt give me enrage? Fury warrior is so confusing for me, and tho I do ok damage, I dont have any idea how to perfectionise my stats or rotation / macros.

    Im mostly wondering about the hit vs mastery thing, and how much better is 2 crit than 1 str? Every guide says 7,5 hit bla bla, and as I coudnt get my hit below 8 I tried something I saw, and went for 9+ hit for "more rage generation". I have no idea how, but suddenly I score rank 40+ on 2 of 3 encounters.

    Help is appreciated )))

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    The fury sticky has most of this information.

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    Most of this info exists out there if you look closely. Enrage uptimes you can gather from watching worldoflogs, Bloodthirst gives 10 rage according to its tooltip ith an addtional 10 if you crit from getting enraged. Rage gain from melee swing's i think is possible to math out with wep speeds and so on but i don't know that math I'm afraid. For me Simcraft told me that hit was about 0.3 and mastery around 0.4, I even ignored that for a while and tried going with Hit instead anyway, but it's not really noticeable. Theorethically that would give you more dmg from white attacks and less from raging blows in addition to maybe do another execute or two during an encounter. I went back to reforge to mastery quite quickly though, since it's not a great amount of extra rageincome at all.

    I think you should allign recklessness with skull banner, every time. Bloodbath>Skullbanner>Dragon Roar>Reck>Colossus Smash>Fulloutragedump Is probably the way to go whenever all of the CDs are off cooldown. It's more improtant for fury's to "stack" CDs than it is to pop them on cooldown, together with a Colossus Smash ideally. But you should know most of this already

    In the end additional hit will mainly only dump up your "autoattackdamage" percentage during a fight by a tiny bit with the cost of lowering raging blow dmg...

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    i've used this spreadsheet since the begin of MoP, i would recommend if you want someting more specific i would build it on this spreadsheet.
    i have also added some changes and more stuff.

    and no you shouldnt use reck with dragon roar... dragon roar has 100% crit and ignores 100% armor so CS is not needed either, wait for banner and BB line those up and its nice to save some rage for this time. pop deadly calm and get as many high crits you can in 12 secs and watch as the BB reaches the roof. biggest changes in dps as fury imo is how you use CS, thats the point were most warrs can improve.

    also i would advise you to use a tracking addon for Enrage that would give you the answer to when you should use Berserker rage.
    i've copied Sinnermighty's addon setup and its really amazing. even thou i usally like to setup my own addons/UI

    here is some overall guides, seems like it won't hurt if you try to read and understand fury abit more.

    Sinnermighty's guide : http://manaflask.com/en/guide/917/

    Rustynip's guide : http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...-Warrior-Guide
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