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    Imba-Shaman Raid Videos Heroics and Normals - updating nightly with progression

    Hi, I'm Imba-Shaman and I play a resto shaman! I have uploaded some videos of my kills on heroic bosses on 25man mode (regular modes are up too - just in the my video section of the site)

    When do you stream?
    I stream usually only on raid nights which are 10pm to 2am central time.Tuesday - Thursday.

    Why don't you stream any other time?
    No one wants to see me afk in org while alt/tabbed looking at forums :P....well maybe

    Why does your stream suck? no 1080p ??
    I live in arkansas and the highest upload I can get w/out spending 350$/month is 1.5mbs up - which BLOWS! Q_Q

    What guild are you raiding with?
    Age of Aggression on Illidian!

    How do you feel about shamans?
    We are amazing!

    All ToT videos posted up here!

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    streaming @ twitch.tv/scrogglez

    25 Terrance

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    I find it hard to take this serious with that character name.

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    Try not to over analysis a name. It is just a name.

    If you care to know why I call myself that -

    I started off named Qqshamanheal - I wanted to play elemental but my former guild was in desperate need of healers. I named myself Qqshamanheal because they asked me to start healing for them instead of dps. I always wanted to dps but we never had enough healers so it was just Q_Q'

    I later joined Seven as a resto shaman. This was maybe in march of last year. We always joked about how shamans would just lay down totems and healing rain /afk and be able to keep the whole raid up on Heroic Dragon Soul. They would say shamans were imba (imbalanced), overpowered and too easy to play.

    The MOP patch came and made shaman healing even easier and gave use Healing Tide and Ascendance. Most of the forums began complaining they had to watch even more cds , micro manage and int. problems. Now shamans could afk with healing rain and when any raid damage came into play you could simply Healing Tide and enjoy the loot fall from the sky.

    So when I race changed to troll I decided to just rename myself Imba-Shaman to spite all the healers that complained about resto being hard and to the guild's healers, now they didn't even need to raid. Just stack shamans and monks and win.

    So its an inside joke to my guild - sorry you find it upsetting and you can't it serious. Thanks for stopping by.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sevyvia View Post
    I find it hard to take this serious with that character name.
    You are in a forum for a video game, get over it
    Synek - best rogue in the world

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    Bump : All normals are cleared and we working on Heroic Vaults now

    Updated videos with "elite mode" Protectors 25m and our Sha of Fear (very laggy :/ kill video)

    Thanks for all that watch at night when I raid - 8:30 - 11 pm central

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    added our Heroic Elegon Video

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    updated with
    Heroic Spirit King:


    This was done on an off night of alts / mains - we are just messing around but since I havent uploaded a heroic spirit king vid yet.

    AoA is currently 11/16 heroic - I'll get more vids soon
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    updated my layout a bit on the thread. It only shows heroic kills and no normal kills - you can still see normal kills on the video section though.

    Just too much links- enjoy

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    Currently doing Heroic amber progression - hopefully the kill tonight

    ---------- Post added 2013-02-06 at 06:46 AM ----------

    Heroic Amber Down - raiding heroic emp till 2 am tonight

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    Why aren't you using unleash elements before healing rain?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gasmastarn View Post
    Why aren't you using unleash elements before healing rain?
    I do most of the time, somtimes I do not depending on my timings - If I am off and I dont have that extra GCD before some big burst shit happens, I don't put it down. Most of the time I do though.


    Also bump for heroic emp kill
    Heroic Amber Shaper:


    Heroic Grand Empress


    Only 3 bosses left

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    uploaded the heroic protectors video tonight as well @


    If you enjoy my content please follow - I think I am one of the few shaman's streaming end game content.

    Working on Tsulong @ 10pm tomorrow night.

    Enjoy -

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    That was some intense button mashing for only 87k HPS. It's amazing how you don't have to play mana conservative in 25 man and still do fine.
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    Aww my ears and eyes.... that button smashing and UI makes me dizzy
    Quote Originally Posted by Sulla View Post
    Oh yah, Puupi is an insufferable assclown. Don't shitpost and act shocked when you get called on it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hammerfest View Post
    I prefer "enclosed creationist" but yeah, I'm a flat earther.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gasmastarn View Post
    That was some intense button mashing for only 87k HPS. It's amazing how you don't have to play mana conservative in 25 man and still do fine.
    lol he's oom halfway into the fight..

    on 10man this would mean a wipe if one healer just spammed healing rain until they were oom in 2 mins. guess it doesn't matter in 25...

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    hah - yeah my keyboard is massively loud. Even when I am typing I can't think. its a consair keyboard. Mega loud. I am working on fixing that, but I don't know how to adjust the sound. If you know how , maybe you can help me out.

    I updated the video section for all our kills in ToT now. Have at it.

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