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    To people complaining and bitching about Arcane.

    [Arcane] Higher skill cap than MoP Fire.

    I believe so, especially while playing with Rune of Power in Heroic Modes - cooldown management, positional awareness, encounter awareness, and planning a few steps ahead so you can be proactive instead of being proactive. I admit, I could play Fire in my sleep (pre-nerf) and it was boring. I now look forward to fights since I actually have to pay attention and your approach and strategic execution changes based on mechanics and RNG. I actually stay awake now. Due to the lower tolerance of mistakes that MoP Arcane provides, I am happy and enjoy raiding more than ever.

    And to all the Arcane haters from Cata.. we are in a new era..

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    Quote Originally Posted by munchkin View Post
    so you can be proactive instead of being proactive
    Couldn't resist.

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    Act in advance instead of being a pimple cream.

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