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    Best 3 heal combo for 10 man raids

    What do you think?

    My guild currently has:

    Disc Priest (me)

    In my opinion this is a great combo because you have the amazing absorbs of a priest. Awesome healing of a monk, and great tank healing from the paladin.
    Healing is never an issue in our fights.

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    I prefer


    Though as long as everyone can pull their weight, any 2-3 healers will do in regulars.

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    disc holy shaman

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    disc, holy pala, shaman is what we run with and its awesome

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    Double disc + resto druid lol.

    I'm not recommending this unless you are just strolling through farm content. As I can see it's limitation.

    It just happens that both of us priests don't like playing holy. The other one's mostly shadow but for three healing fights this is how we roll. It's funny as hell on Bladelord though, squeeze in a lot of dps with smite+holy fire and unseen strike barely does any damage with double barrier/spirit shell rotation.

    I think ideal setup would be resto druid, holy paladin, and disc priests. I have faith in our fellow tree

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    Disc priest, Monk, Druid would be my ideal 10m group with 3 healers, I would probably have the druid os boomkin for 2 heal fights.

    if not druid than resto shaman os ele

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    Disc, hpala, resto shaman.

    Druids are very weak atm, and you don't really need a monk (who only really brings raw HPS) with hpala and disc.

    Though honestly, if you have disc+hpala then it doesn't matter what you compliment them with because they are an amazing combo.
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    Disc priest, disc priest, disc priest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leelloo View Post
    Disc priest, disc priest, disc priest.
    every 20 seconds someone can just SS the whole raid. gg

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    We use Disc priest, holy paladin, and resto shaman.

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    We run with one of the following 2 healer setups for our core 10m team:

    disc priest / resto dru / resto sham OR disc priest / resto dru x2 and the disc priest goes 'DPS mode' on 2 heal fights, savin our asses when needed with spirit shell blankets etc. Works great for us so far. We sadly would prefer a holy pal, but our main one had to quit wow due to RL GF aggro.
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    Honestly, depending on progression, I'd say you need to cut back to 2 healers while having a dps MS with a healing OS. As far as best comp imo: holy/disc priest + hpala is very strong.

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    I'd say it depends on the fight...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ethes View Post
    I'd say it depends on the fight...
    Well... I think the person is asking for what the best overall comp would be, since I don't think a lot of guild can swing changing healers on every fight........

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    We're running disc priest, resto druid and holy pala. For 2 heals I go shadow. Resto druid weak? No way.

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    Disc Priest + Paladin, and the third should be a hot-based spec (Holy Priest, Druid or Monk). That is a nice mixture of different healing mechanics.

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    disc + resto shaman + whatever, and the shamans just there to buff rapture

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    My personal preference would be dpriest/rsham/hpally like so many others have said. This gives you a lot of useful raid CDs with strong mitigation from the priest as well as raw healing power from the shaman and pally.

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