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    Gara'jal 10 HC Shadow Priest dps advice needed!

    Hi, guild is doing said boss tonight again. Did it last night, best wipe at 5%

    Armory (http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...mongo/advanced)

    At said wipe i had 97k dps. I consistenly pulled 95-100k (more at the start of the fight ofc, but evens out at those numbers)

    Im not asking for people to tell me how we should do it, but rather give me advice to do better (or tell im doing 100% of my potential)

    What i basicly do is, if the previous attempt is a wipe i try to enter spirit realm before wiping so i got 2 or 3 shadow orbs at the start of the next try.

    Opening rotation is much like: VT-SWD-Berserking/Fiend-MB(now timewarp is popped, still with all CD's + pots and hopefully trinks popped)- Reapply VT/SWD/DP (lets assume i had 2 orbs before start of the fight, so these dots a got ALL possible CD+buffs applied to them)

    Then its just keep dots up, then MF /MB on CD, spending DI / FDCL procs as wisely as possible.

    We try and have me + our lock in the spirit realm as much as possible because of our multidotting. I make sure to have Halo ready for use every spirit phase.

    I need to know if healing from DP, Health stone and vamp embrace increases the spiritual intervention buff aswell? or is it only healing from the healers?
    Is ToF better than DI? i did about 20k better dps with DI than ToF, and i didnt feel like i did any better on the spirit killing aswell.

    From the information i hastingly garthered here, could anyone tell me how/if i could better on that fight? as i said, we wiped at 5% once, so if everybody just pushed like 3 or 5k more dps we might have done it, but we can just keep pulling and hoping for that.
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    I've only done 25H (I also did 10H, unfortunately, though, on my mage alt), but I don't see much differences between the two, so I'm throwing some of my points here. Without knowing what is keeping you from your kills, it's hard to say what you can do to improve, but generally:
    - Character-wise, you're sacrificing too much int to reach the plateau, to the point it would actually lower your DPS in comparison with normal gemming.
    - ToF is better than DI, especially if you can maximize the buff uptime. Try to snatch a SW or dot low health add(s) before porting up. Tbh, I don't see how you do 20k more DPS with DI instead of ToF, unless you either got a very lucky streak of procs & crits, or your ToF uptime is low - which shouldn't be happening.
    - Spec into Desperate Prayer and pop it when you go in Spirit Realm for an extra heal (help building your SI up)
    - DP doesn't increase SI. Healthstone does. I can't remember whether VE would help, but since SI is based on your healing taken per sec, VE won't be helping much to increase SI even if it works. Renew and ProM work, so you can glyph Dark Bindings and throw a quick heal on yourself before porting out to refresh the duration of the buff.
    - That being said, 97k DPS is still pretty ok for 10m (assuming you are running 2 heals, so most of the time you didn't have maximum SI stacks) - you may want to look at your teammates' performances =p
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    yea i think 97k is pretty ok, but should i be doing much better? how much will i improve doing what you said?

    EDIT: Tonights tries over, and healing myself with Desperate Prayer does help keeping the buff high and refreshed just before leaving realm.

    But i still couldn't do more than 100k. Still, even with ToF only did about 90-95k, wheras with DI i did 95-100k. So the difference is very little (dunno why i only did 80k last night with ToF) In the end, i think i pull my weight.

    Could you clarify what you'd change on my character? i'd like to note, i've got Light of the cosmos upgraded twice, and Yu'lon upgraded once so far. Also i got the HC neck from feng tonight, so take that into consideration aswell.

    Spiritual intervention buffs range from 11% to 23% depending on if i used Desperate Prayer and Healthstone or not. Sometimes healers jump out of realm asap as healing outside is too hard otherwise.

    We had another 5% wipe. Dps requirements were met, but healing got impossible for our 3 healers (Druid, pala and priest). I know this is a spriest thread, but if anyone have some advice or some insight as to what we should do when healing becomes impossible. We use raid CD's available too.
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    Healing requirements should be easily met with 3 healers. Tell them to step their game up.

    Also could you link WoL logs if you log your fights?
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    keep pulling and hope for the extra dps. also, if your raid has shit dps, a very viable tactic is to have one of your healers go dps and have you go disc and just atonement heal the whole time. you could do 45-50k dps as disc, easily.

    also, you should gem under 8085 with more int - esp on a single target fight where you don't use DI. if you aren't then doing enough dps in the basement, use cascade instead of halo, but unless your warlock is complete shit i can't imagine it being that much of a problem. also, phantasm + glyph of fade are extremely helpful on this fight. the adds can't nuke you while phantasm'd, and the glyph of fade helps after phantasm falls off.

    regem all your quicks to recklesses and your energized to purifieds and your dps would increase a good bit. also, you need to use cancelaura macros if you're going to use GOmindspike with DI or you are losing dps from bugged out DI procs that don't reset your MB cooldown.
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    The dps you say you are doing is more than enough to kill this fight so it most likely is a healing problem.
    Which tank classes are you using, because at point when the voo doo doll targets are taking too much damage a pally tank can bubble without losing aggro or a pally in the group can use Hand of Protection on the tank, this means for the duration of the bubble you are only taking damage from the shadow bolts.

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