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    [A] <CMR> 16/16, 5/16 H LF Heals

    Crimson Moon Rising is a 10m raiding guild on Dalaran, we are currently 16/16 reg, 5/16 H, with elite protectors down and H blade lord at a 0.2% wipe and with H will being our next noteworthy goal.

    We got 8/8 H ds at the 5% nerf last xpac, we are full of amazing raiders, and we are currently recruiting to fill a spot due to one of our members needing to quit due to IRL issues.

    We run a 11-12 man roster with a couple of backup DPS, however this is for a full time spot and you would only have to expect to sit if you offer to or don't need gear off said boss.

    We are currently recruiting:

    Disc Priest (High)
    Holy Paladin (High)
    Mistweaver (Medium)

    We are looking for this healer to be 485+ and a minimum of 3/16 H, we are working for server first H will and do not want to have to catch someone up who's behind on current progression. You MUST have logs.

    We raid Mon-thurs, 9PM-12AM EST, We will extend for an additional hour if working on progression.
    Our loot system is done via loot council, putting the gear wherever it will have the best impact on the raid is our goal.

    If you are interested, reply on this post or contact me via battletag at: Zig#1945, Barciana#1220

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    Bump still looking for a strong Disc priest / Holy pally

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    Clearing the rest of farm Monday would love to get a good disc priest or holy pally in for progression tuesday

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    Bump still looking

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    Still looking for a good healer

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    Would love to find a Disc priest or Holy pally for Tuesday

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