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    Quote Originally Posted by Niberion View Post
    Well, looks like the repairtool is back, not that I've ever used it....
    Well - the 10000 files thing is explained, seems as if it used itself.

    All is explained - new launcher, new repair tool, repair tool executed auto-repair on first launch.

    Everyone back to work

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superchief View Post
    Ok everyone listen up Blizzard has finally snapped. I think I got reported yesterday for doing PvP. The Blizzard police came to my door armed with nerf bats, tear gas, kevlar and riot shields. One of them was carrying a black briefcase with the euthanasia shot. They began by simply knocking, and when they realized I saw them they busted the door down and crashed through the windows. I dropped a dollar bill on the ground which distracted them for over an hour as they fought over it, and I escaped within an inch of my life.

    They've gone full metal carny. If you haven't resubscribed this month, defend yourself! They are coming! (>';..;')> (^O.O)


    nice work

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