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    This could all still be the illusion of a man in a dream. There's nothing to say that you aren't effectively a robot, programmed to either believe that you're not or simply be completely unaware of it.
    Those possibilities are why I can not prove to an other that I am conscious, but I know from subjective experience that I am. The source of my mind is not important, merely the fact that it exists.

    In addition, why is the possibility that a consciousness that was formerly you exists at the same time as you -- having experienced everything you have, as you, before you had experienced yourself -- out of the question?
    It isn't out of the question, but the other person has had additional experiences to me, and now possesses a different perspective so they are not "me" they are "them".

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    There's no real answer for this one.

    The "white bearded guy" theory just adds another step into the problem. In a creationist's view, god created the universe, but where does god come from anyway? In this theory, god itself came from nothing.

    Either way you end up with "something came from nothing".
    Ancestor Simulation Theory. Check it bro... leads to some kind of infinity of "well, there could be another layer."

    Really good way to answer the question, while evading the question.

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