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    Where can we talk about the fire nerfs without being banned or thread locking?

    Clearly MMO is not a place where open conversations can occur. Where are people going to actually discuss things openly?

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    I've been talking about it fine, no infringements or anything.

    Just make sure you don't start up a new thread for every minor topic you want to chat about, and make sure you aren't flaming or trolling and all is good.

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    We had a thread that reached 15 pages but by the end of its life had turned into flaming.


    Tbh the topic has already been discussed and there's no need for more threads. Any fire dicussion should go in the sticky anyway.

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    There is a sticky SPECIFICALLY for Fire Mages in PvE. If you can post constructively without flaming, trolling, or generally making useless posts, then feel free to discuss anything and everything Fire related. As for this thread, you've gotten your question (even if it was meant to troll the mods) answered, so there's no more discussion to be had here. I will now lock this to prevent another wave of reports for flaming.

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