Thread: Level 80 DPS?

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    Level 80 DPS?

    Hey there,

    i'm not that much into twinking but after i found the video of a fire Mage soloing most of Ulduar i got curious - i don't like Mages so i just wanted to ask, is it possible for Warlocks to dish out THAT much DPS at 80 aswell?

    The ilvl would be ~335 at level 80. Already have everything i'd just like to know whether it should be a Warlock or a Mage.

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    Warlocks can dish out some nice dps pretty close to that.
    Do you have the new 409 ilvl items ?
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    Yeah ofc. That's why i'm asking. Are they better for Warlocks or Mages? I've seen 170k DPS coming out of some mages at level 80 for ~30 seconds but haven't found a single warlock video.

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    As i said in the beginning, i'm not that much into twinking so that would probably be my one and only twink. I don't want to "waste" time on an alt and give him gear i bought from the auction house just to find out that it's bad.

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    It's useless anyway, but you might have insane burst as destro with 75% mastery and insane crit.
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