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    Question Hmmmm

    Hotdogs or cheeseburgers?
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    Cursing? I wouldn't be offended if it had something to do with the game we were playing or topic we were discussing. Sexual talk or off topic stuff? Hate it.

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    Having a poll would help.

    I'm 29 and curse whenever I feel like it if I know everyone else in chat is over 18. Public channels and random groups, I don't.

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    Depends on the amount of cursing and inappropriate behavior. I love me a well-placed dick joke, but sometimes people take that as a cue to just spam as much offensive stuff as they can. That I don't like at all. I have been known to unleash my inner 12-year-old here and there, but most of the time I stay out of chat.

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    Skelington doesn't associate with people outside of his besties in games, so he can spam as many dirty things as he likes. Other people are annoying when they do it.

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    I usually write a lot of bad words, really a lot, but I never curse or swear against others, unless they actually look for it, but for that case I rather go a step ahead of them and bite their weak spots rather than just swear.

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