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    Recently, after 5.1 came out, it seems the need to reload for respecing/glyphing died down a bit, for a while. After around saturday or sunday last week I noticed that my Bartender started blocking it again, a lot more than before. Before this patch it would usually almost never be Bartender but now it is basically 100% of the time.

    I went over to the curse and saw some comments that Bartender had stopped being updated as well as it used to, and it seems to be filled with bugs and errors. I'd like to ask if anyone with some decent addon knowledge knows any possible fixes for bartender so it stops interfering with respecing? This time, I'm somewhat sure its not on blizzard's side since its literally bartender blocking it 100% of the time for me and for something like a week after 5.1 came out I only had to reload around once or twice out of tons of times which I had to respec, and at that time it was also Bartender interfering.

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    Haven't looked at the taint in question, but it might be a library, which would get attributed to the first addon loading it (Bartender is fairly high up in the load order). Have you tried with BT4 disabled?
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    Yep, tried it this morning. Was online for over an hour and a half, tried respecing every once in a while and I never had any addon blocking it. With Bartender enabled it would usually start happening 2 minutes after being logged in.

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