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    Something to remove the "Aura bar"

    I have a nice and tidy UI that is minimalistic and highly effective, I need a small addon or something to be able to hide my Aura (now Seals) Bar on my Paladin, it's also known as the Stance Bar.

    I'm almost certain it's like 1 to 5 lines of code and I could probably find time to write it myself, but I figured I'd ask here first to see if it has already been done.

    I use nMainBar (from WowInterface) and I don't want to install anything bulky to do a such tiny task. nMainBar actually has the functionality to hide the Stance Bar, but I still use that bar on my other toons (and nMainBar is set up game wide)
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    You need to find the name of the frame first. I use ElvUI so the frame name would be ElvUI_StanceBar (use /framestack to help you). In the default interface it would be StanceBarFrame. To hide the frame use the following macro:

    /script StanceBarFrame:Hide()

    I believe that the moderator for this forum has a nice guide on how to turn it into your own little addon, so that you won't have to type this every time you log in.

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    That I indeed do.

    If it doesn't work right away, you might want to try adding ElvUI as a dependency.
    ## Dependencies: ElvUI
    In a line right before the .lua file name in the .toc file. Needs to be the ElvUI folder name (is it "ElvUI"?)
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