View Poll Results: Which actor plays the best James Bond?

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  • Sean Connery

    86 38.57%
  • George Lazenby

    0 0%
  • Roger Moore

    15 6.73%
  • Timothy Dalton

    6 2.69%
  • Pierce Brosnan

    61 27.35%
  • Daniel Craig

    55 24.66%
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    james bond uses guns i dont like guns, guns are rubbish. i much prefer a nice screwdriver doesnt hurt, doesnt kill, but what it is very good at is opening doors O-O
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    I would say Pierce Brosnan was the most ideal Bond. I think he had the best mixture of class and toughness. Plus he was in Goldeneye, which I think is without question the best Bond movie.

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    Brosnan for classic Bond, but I like Craig for the new, younger take on Bond.

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    I have to say Pierce Brosnan, but simply because I grew up with Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is not Enough and Die Another Day. But I generally don't like James Bond at all.

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    My favorite JB is Pierce Brosnan. Reason for that is because he is the only one who could bring forth JB's humorous side properly, I don't like Daniel craig as bond because he looks like he is constantly pissed off and only time he really smiles is in Casino Royale when Le Chiffre was hitting his balls with the rope, Jb is NOT a Sado masochist.
    Pierce portraid JB's pain perfectly when Elektra King had him in that neck breaking chair in World is Not Enough.

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    For me it's Connery, but I guess I'm kind of biased since he's one of my all time favorite actors

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    Timothy Dalton. No other Bond was able to pull off the charismatic, professional killer role like he did and therefore he fits perfectly into Ian Fleming's vision of Bond.

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    Craig misses that Bond humor imo. Meine vote goes fuer Roger Moore.
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    Sean Connery by far! :3

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    You can't top the original, naturally Connery will easily be the one most mentioned, seconded by the most recent actors. I personally think Dalton should be heads on with Brosnan for place 3, but I understand that his Bond is not easy to like for many.

    And to those who actually voted for Moore, please, pretty please take the day off tomorrow and watch all Moore Bonds in a row without break. If you still can stand all this exquisite nonsense you may keep your vote.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Letmesleep View Post
    I think Connery, Moore, and Brosnan all played a good Bond, but I'm going to go with Brosnan. To me, he is the perfect modern Bond. In my opinion, Craig is too stoic and macho to capture the light-hearted and caring side of Bond effectively. I did happen to enjoy Casino Royale, though I think that had more to do with the strength of the script than Daniel Craig's performance.
    This, only I voted for Connery because, to me, he is and will always be Bond. Not for any specific reason other than I thought he was the most charismatic and was the first Bond I ever saw. It's close between Connery, Brosnan and Moore and I did like Dalton and Lazenby though they gave it a different twist.

    I have to say that in the more modern films I really really liked Brosnan, I can remember people complaining about him being cast as Bond but he's incredibly good, can't think of anyone better suited for the job. The only reason I would go for Connery (or Moore) is because those are the original films and have that vintage bond feel to them. Always was disappointed that they stopped using Brosnan in the newer films, I mean yeah he's getting on a bit but I bet he'd still nail it.

    This is obviously a pretty personal choice, and I could pick a "best Bond" on a technical level had I read the books but I haven't. For me Bond was shaped by the films so it's only natural to choose/prefer the actors that actually shaped him in the first place.

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    Having mainly started watching the Bonds with Brosnan, I'd have to go with him. Connery is always good though.

    Currently I'm not a fan of Craig as Bond, but as others have stated they seem to be building him up to becoming the 007 we recognise. It probably doesn't help that the latest Bond movies aren't really capturing the essence of Bond for me. The lack of one liners, the charm, the confidence and above all the gadgerts. GPS locator? Come on!

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    Love me some Craig. I have loved his movies so far as Bond. Brosnan was good too.
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    I haven't watched Sky Fall yet but I loved all the movies with Pierce Brosnan, so were fairly good for my taste.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoboA View Post
    Roger moore is my alltime favorite. It might be because he played in my favorite bond movies.

    Daniel craig is no good as james bond. Casino royale killed it for me when he asked his girl "how do i look?". James Bond would NEVER be that insecure.
    With fairness though, he wasn't actually *Bond* at that part. Not the character we know and love anyways. The point of that first film was to show Bond as he *became* Bond. At the end, when he is wearing the suit and is about to kill the "bad guy", do we see him as the character he is meant to be. The film was just a build up to that, showing how he was molded into that person by events. Even the directors and script writers confirmed this.

    As for me? Daniel Craig is the best Bond so far. He is the most realistic in terms of the films, and I prefer that over the silliness and campness of the 60s ones, and the gadget/faux seriousness of the 80s/90s ones

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    Pierce Brosnan no doubt! I haven't seen the newest bond movie yet, but I'm surprised about how many people are picking Daniel Craig from what I've heard.
    These aren't the spoilers you're looking for.

    Move along.

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    I chose Sean Connery as my top Bond. He played the part of a womanizing spy perfectly. A very close second is Pierce Brosnan. If I got to pick a "Classic" Bond and a "Modern" Bond... Brosnan would be my "Modern" Bond hands down.

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    Sean Connery but followed by Brosnan and Craig. I like the rough-eged, IDGAF attitude Craig has.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waaldo View Post
    Pierce Brosnan no doubt! I haven't seen the newest bond movie yet, but I'm surprised about how many people are picking Daniel Craig from what I've heard.
    To my mind, I think he is the best. He suits the role perfectly, and is no where near as camp/silly as the others, and are slightly more believable.
    Brosnan tried it, but the stupid/farcical scripts and silliness of his films utterly ruined them for me beyond "Goldeneye". I mean, "Die Another Day", and it's stupid 80ft high wave he is surfing on? I could go on personally. For me? I don't like that, just ruins the whole story for me, but I appreciate a lot of people enjoy the superspy camp/silliness so it's all each to their own

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    i like timothy dalton personally, quite underrated imo

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