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    Game needs an LF Arena category...

    LF Arena group

    Introducing a new idea in lieu of me sitting in trade for the duration of the Heat vs. Knicks game looking for an arena group.

    So, just got my Warrior into full Dread + 2 Mal and am ready to melt face like most warriors these days. I made the toon to designate him to PvP, 3's especially. Had a blast in BC running WLS and figured it's time to give it a go again. Unfortunately, to my dismay, I have no CR or previous experience achiev to link, and every1 knows your luck of getting in any group, PvE/ PvP or otherwise, with NO achieve is about as useless as a 500k TfB crit on a target dummy. So why not introduce a Looking For Arena(LFA) system similar to the old-school LF-Raid system in BC and WoTLK days, a variation to the one currently under 'Other Raids' in the 'Raid' tab. To those unfamiliar with the old-school system, you entered your Toon to a list along with others, with a Note including your name/spec/dps/gearscore or whatever, and from there people could browse and PM you and invite you to a group. This is NOT in anyway a que system. For instance, i'm a Warr looking for Lock and Rsham for 3's, i'd enter LFA, type my xp/cr and what I am looking for, rating or otherwise. This would eliminate me rotting in trade for 2+hours while my spam is launched out of Illidan trade because it rolls so fast.

    Over the years, WoW players, especially PuG'rs, have become more and more relient on "what's your ilvl bro" and " LF ___ MUST HAVE FULL CLEAR xp". I understand that people will turn there nose away from still because of my no xp/cr, but others like me who don't have cr/xp or want to grind rating on a geared alt have the oppurtunity to 'browse' a list to pick up arena faster! This idea has potential! IT'S GOT POTENTIAL!!!!(larry david yell)

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    Nty, I much rather them work on having a LF-Old Raids.

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