View Poll Results: What's your Favorite Furry Animal?

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  • Mouse

    0 0%
  • Kitten

    29 51.79%
  • Puppy

    10 17.86%
  • Bunny

    2 3.57%
  • Hamster

    1 1.79%
  • Squirrel

    0 0%
  • Ferret

    0 0%
  • Baby Panda

    2 3.57%
  • Other

    10 17.86%
  • Zoboomafoo

    2 3.57%
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    My cats for sure. Also is Zoboomafoo really an animal lol. I thought it was just for that kids show.

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    My dogs. I have a Scottie and a Dachshund right now. Both are house dogs who pretty much own the place.

    I love small animals like guinea pigs and hamsters. Sucks that they have such short lifespans though. Guinea pigs live a bit longer (seems like I read somewhere the average lifespan is somewhere between 4-6 years). But you get attached to hamsters, then they only live around 2-3 years maybe.

    I still have a pic somewhere of one of my old pet hamsters I'll try to find. I used to buy him those modular cages where you could add little plastic tunnels, connect different cages, etc. He basically lived in a hamster-size city that spanned an entire wall in my house. Think it was 3-4 separate cages, a maze he could run, and a lookout tower on top. It was pretty awesome.
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    Polar bears and dogs are tied for me.

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    When I saw you'd posted in this thread, I was really sure you were going to say Stitch, pOO.

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    I bow to our kitten overlords.

    A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.

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    I cannot choose there are far too many cute and fluffy animals out there that exist.

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    i have this gut feeling cats are gonna win

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