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    New build looking for parts advice

    Okay so lets get that nice little checklist out of the way...

    Budget: Around $2000 USD, however it IS flexible especially for upgrades that would deem it worthy.

    Games / Settings Desired: Pretty much able to play anything on the market and to be on the market anytime soon. As well as able to stream or record at the same time of course .

    Country: United States -- Preferably only buying parts from Newegg unless of course a very good deal or they simply don't have a item available.

    Parts that can be reused:

    CoolerMaster Stacker 830 - Nice big case with great airflow and I love the thing so I wouldn't want to see it go.
    Power Supply - Not sure on the model but if needed I'll open up the PC to check however I know its a quality branded 750w or 1000w
    HDD*** - Just got a new 1TB drive due to running completely out of space
    OS - Have Win7
    Optical Drive - People actually use them? Have a DVD-RW drive and don't plan to watch Blu-rays anyways.
    Monitor(s) - Have 2 already so don't need to buy a new one.
    All other Peripherals such as mice/keyboard ETC. already have and don't need a new.

    ***I would like however to get a SDD. I would likely only need a 128GB but if there is room in the budget a larger SDD wouldn't hurt.

    With one last word of input I would like to add that I would of course very much like to stick to Intel CPU (Duh) and NVIDIA GPU.

    Thanks to all who have advice will be checking this regularly if anyone has questions/advice/issues with anything.
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