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    I'm almost positive they clarified that raid patches would be 4 months from the previous patch, not from release, so it would be more like

    Sept 25 - MoP Release
    Nov 25 - Patch 5.1
    March 25 - Patch 5.2
    May 25 - Patch 5.3
    September 25 - Patch 5.4

    so on and so forth.
    Would have to be 6 or more months from launch anyhow. It's a SIXTEEN BOSS raid tier for fucks sake and some ppl want it over in only 4 months boggles me. I wouldn't be surprized if they keep it out longer because not enough people are finished. They did that in T11 or firelands i think can't remember which. Think it was T11-firelands
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    getting banned from mmoc is like being let out of your jail cell when your sentence is over.

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    Because not everyone has the same definition of fun as you. Crazy, right?

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