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    Addon to watch Inquisition more easily?

    Since I started playing Ret ( A month before MoP dropped) I have had to watch my top right corner to see if Inquisition is about to fall of. Is there an addon that will give me a notification or display somewhere more centered in my screen? I know clcret tells you when you need to use Inquisition, but I feel addons like clcret make you tunnel harder than necessary. Besides I already know my rotation, and don't need a display of what to use and when.

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    I use quartz. It's just a colored timer bar that I move it to the middle of the screen. I think TellMeWhen and WeakAuras can do what you want too.

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    Not a paladin, but I use Weak Aura's for all my timer displays. Very customizable, you can do almost anything you can think of with it. Can make an icon for inquisition show up under x seconds or just the whole duration of it anywhere on your screen
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    Great tips here
    I've always used NeedToKnow, it's so easy to set up. By custom you get 3 bars, you right click it and choose if you want to track a buff, debuff, CD or anything on anything (target,focus,player etc). Just type in what you want to track and it's done in a matter of seconds to be honest, as said - you can track everything! From AQ CD to Inq duration

    Personaly I use Clcret and NeedToKnow - I dont realy use Clcret as a way to keep up my rotation, but got it for safety (Very easy to notice you need to pop Inq)

    But there's alot of addons you can use though: PowerAuras (Can take some time to set up if you're not used to it, but awesome when you learn it), NeedToKnow, Clcret, Quartz, Weak Auras etc etc Good luck finding the one that suits you
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    i use CLCret... if you use program the queue properly...it tells when you refresh inq, so no watching is needed

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    Enough said really probably the easiest addon to configure ever.

    I have mine set to watch.

    Holy Avenger
    Avenging Wrath
    Guardian of Ancient Kings
    Trinket procs
    Censure on focus for cleaving

    I have another set up for configuring for specific boss buffs or debuffs.

    You can make the bars big or small depending on your style as well.

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    I actually track my inquisition by doing exactly what you described with the default UI. I typically get over 97% up-time, so it's not impossible to do well like that. Also gives me an excuse to exercise my eyes because I use a 24" monitor. To each their own, though.

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    I use TellMeWhen for Inquisition, Sanctified Wrath, the Kings Stacks and my Pott Duration.
    To have a overview of my trinket proccs and their inner cooldown I also use Needtoknow.

    It's on you if you want a a symbol with the uptime or a timerbar instead.

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    I configured Shadowed Unit frames, through an aura filter, to only show me relevant DPS-related buffs and cooldowns, in large, easy to see boxes, right above my unit frame. This also helps me with chaining CDs like GoAK with AW/glove tinker/trinkets.

    I also use Inline Aura, which shows me the time remaining on it right on the ability itself, and CLCRet to clue me in on when to refresh as well.

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    I use weak-auras as well, can place it anywhere I want as well

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