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    Razorgore - 1st kill
    Broodlord - 6th kill
    Chromaggus - 1st kill
    Skeram - 1st kill
    Viscidus - 4th kill
    Twin Emperors - 1st kill
    Loatheb - 1st kill
    Gluth - 2 kills, no pet
    Maexxna - 2nd kill
    Golemagg - 2nd kill
    Sulfuron - 8th kill
    Magdamar - 2nd kill

    The main bottleneck for me was Gluth and Razorgore. Gluth being pmuch impossible to solo on my 85 alts and Razorgore being annoyingly hard to solo on 85 alts.

    EDIT: If you are just after the achievement, you can borrow the pets from a friend. You don't lose credit for the achievement when you cage them.
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    I have everything but one from BWL so the drop rate does seem quite high.

    I know it lessens the prestige, but I am glad in a way so I would not feel compelled to run these old raids week in and week out for something that will probably never drop.. Like the mounts from the original ZG that I ran til I was past sick of it and still never got them to drop.

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    got all in week one but the sulfuron one, hopefully next week achievement!

    also dont forget even if you have the pet you can still farm them and trade for the ones you dont or sell them

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    I'm missing the pup and spider from naxx and the one from the harbinger in MC and I didn't even do naxx last week. It does seems too high to me.

    Not to mention you can always do it across multiple toons, and my experience was my main only.
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    I've had everything bar Razorgore, Loatheb and the Corefire imp pet, most of them multiple times.

    I thought the drop rates were a bit high, but perhaps it's just making up for my complete lack of raid drops this expansion.

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