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    Holy going from 10 -> 25. Generl tips/ideas please!

    Hello guys!

    After raiding 10 man for the last 3 years its now time for me to get back into the 25-man action again.
    Im currently only 1/16 HC and tomorrow my new guild is going on Will heroic so im diving right into it.

    I would love some general tips about how different 25 man healing is from 10. Will i find more use of some spells then what i used to do i 10 man?
    Is Holy Radiance better in 25 then in 10? Ive not found that much use of it in 10 man. Any tips is very appreciated!

    Also whats glyphs would you run? Ill guess i might wanna drop the LoD glyph?

    Here is my armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...yster/advanced

    Thanks alot for taking time!

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    I use HR all the time in 10s. 3 people below 90% HR.

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    Not a huge difference, normal Eternal Flame build is a little better in 25 mans but LoD is also more reliably going to get 0% overheal, so the difference in play style is pretty much just what you make of it, biggest difference is just you want to be using Light's Hammer almost every CD instead of making sure you save it for burst

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