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    Who wins, Loshan RF + 500 Int or Regail RF? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evralia View Post
    Loshan HC (Prismatic) > Regali HC Elite (517) > Loshan HC (509) > Staff (509) > Regali HC (509) > Regali Elite (503) > Loshan (496).
    QFT. Obviously this would assume all Loshan's have the +500 int socket.

    And all the weapons do is swap your stats around, so if you think you are hitting the dummy for more or less with either weapon (if you reforged right you should have similar secondary stats), that just means you're doing your gemming, enchanting, or something wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riencel View Post
    Who wins, Loshan RF + 500 Int or Regail RF? Thanks.
    Obviously Loshan because they are same ilvl and you get +500 int gem to it.

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    The math was done a few weeks ago comparing just the two weapons.

    As for my preference, I'm human (1% exp) and already have HC Loshan, so I'm going with HC Loshan.

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