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    What do you want most for Christmas!? (Realistically)

    So what are you hoping for this holiday from friends/family/whatever!? (Omiting of course, your favorite model in lingerie or anything like that not that this will stop those posts. Tehe)

    I wanna get a new Deck for my WRX. I like the AUX capability with my iPod but if you listen to as much music as I do the ability to maneuver through all of it easier while driving would be really nice. Still working on my list but how about the rest of you?!

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    Well tbh, i don't care about presents. Only thing i want is lots and lots of snow. Well maybe also a bottle of Hennessy XO for the cold

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    The Lightbringer Pvt Hudson's Avatar
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    I nice Christmas dinner.

    "Would you please let me join your p-p-party?

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    yamaha r6 like really badly

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    I got everything i need, although a marzipan pig dipped in chocolate would be grate

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    i want a sonic screwdriver universal remote YOU CHANGE THE CHANNEL BY SWISHING IT @[email protected]
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    Getting one of those amazing official Frostmourne replicas from Epic Weapons!!!!

    Bought it mostly myself but parent's put £100 to it for me as I couldn't wholly afford it and knew they'd be out of stock pretty quickly if I didn't buy it then.
    It arrived the other week and I naughtily had a sneak look and it's beautiful <3ál/simple

    Warrior main.

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    World Peace

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    My computer could use a new graphics card ... Hopefully gtx 690 will be mine soon <3
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    To move back to the UK. Grr Spain is not warm this time of year!!

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    I wouldn't mind Assassin's Creed III

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    there's honestly nothing i can think of haha

    i really just want to have a nice small christmas dinner with my mother(only one alive or in u.s in my family now) and then, like all christmas', spend the rest of the day playing video games and seeing a few friends

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    a hand made madara v3 mask from the naruto manga

    just to complete my cosplay outfit

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    just bought myself a house targaryen hoodie (Game of Thrones) so i dont need that anymore, realistically, i probably want some games i dont have yet, or parts on my cyclic building of my pc. this time its mobo, chip and ram upgrade, might push it to a case upgrade too.

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    A good evening with my family mainly, rest of the stuff is just a bonus.

    My wish-list for parents are new sheets for bed, socks, underwear, an electronic shaver, new pots and pans, new keyboard.
    They usually give me like 200 dollar gifts so will prob be a new shaver

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    Meh, I am personally going to buy a new monitor and a desk for Christmas, nothing more.

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    Seafood lasagna, and a steam gift card. I'm fairly easy.

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    wouldn't mind a copy of Far Cry 3 for the PC myself.
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    I'd like a water bottle.

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    A couple pairs of jeans, a new jacket and ofcourse a massive xmas dinner

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