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    A Microsoft surface, means I can use it as a laptop to take notes in lectures whilst using it as a tablet the rest of the time, I already have a laptop but the power wouldn't last long enough for one lecture, let alone several lol

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    A new tablet Win8 especially for school.

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    All I can think of is a little wide eyed child sitting there looking at the person asking the question, and in the sweetest most innocent voice saying "I want Daddy to stop hitting Mommy." And the whole room goes silent.... I have a messed up sense of humor. >>

    I'm sure people will see that comment for what it is and not that I actually find spousal abuse funny.

    Anywho,as for what I want for Christmas! I want Mommy to stop beating Daddy.

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    Gift wise?
    A new camera. Any suggestion are welcome as I have no idea which model is the best .

    But family wise just a nice calm day would be very very much appreciated as I've had enough hectic stuff happen to me recently to have an overly eventful Christmas.

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    I'm getting old. Just want to visit with family and have a kick ass turkey. And socks... OMG NEW SOCKS.

    Or a new tube amp. That would be cool. But i can't ask anyone to drop $600+ on a sweet clean tuber for me.

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    Socks and a decent pair of PANTS! Really socks.

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    DBZ Season 8
    DBZ Season 9
    DBGT The Complete Series
    DBZ Movie Packs
    Whey Gainer Protein
    Socks, Underwear, Wife Beats
    MoP & Cata
    Wii U
    Popeye's Supplement Store Gift Card
    Fcuk shirts
    Guess Jeans

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    Chocolate and a lot of it! Uggs, Everytime its payday i just cannot get myself to buy them. But a few weeks into it i regret it again.
    Someone should just give them to me imo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trilicity View Post
    yamaha r6 like really badly
    i just want a Yamaha Xt600e Really badly.

    Well wednesday my motorcycle exam.. if it doesnt get canceled becouse of the snow

    Yeap.. and a nice diner
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    I'm mostly looking forward to the Christmas dinner, as I'm "too old" to expect any expensive presents.

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    My parents sent me an email asking what my fiance and I would like this year. I was blunt and said we had everything we really need, and that what we'd really like is a donation to the wedding fund.
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    Honestly, nothing comes to mind that I want. A few more books to read would be great. Maybe some pants since I'm running out of jeans to wear (they're all well-used and getting holes in "naughty" places).

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    A certain person back.

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    What I want for is for the "I wanters" to quit expecting something from someone else. Get off your @#s and get it yourself.

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    Slippers. Mock me if you want, but I've got the heat almost off to save some cash and it's bleeding cold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hextor View Post
    A certain person back.
    "Not all wishes come true" - A quote from a "certain person".

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    A normal Christmas for once. I guess I'll have to wait till I have a family of my own for that

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    I mean, I'm sure any Doctor Who fan would want a Tardis Mini Fridge, but honestly, beyond a nice dinner and a nice vacation, I can't complain.

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    Girls' Generations Japanese tour dvd
    The universe seasons 2+

    Pretty much sums it up, other than any Girls' Generation memorabilia I do not already have would be awesome.

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    Grandmom's meatballs, she cooks them the best out of the lot, my girlfriends cheese and spinach pie, it's also lovely. Oh and the gf's mothers gulasch soup(she always makes this when we visit, she knows I love it, the gf is a grass eater though lol). Some good xmas beer and some julmust(a type of xmas soda) and some glögg(kind of like a spiced wine, heated). More snow.

    Yeah thats it, good food and good drink thats xmas.
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