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    Addon auto-vendoring specific items

    I've done some googlin' trying to find an addon that automatically vendors user specified items but I only find various ones that sell grey junk, which I use already.
    So, I'm wondering if it is possible to make one myself?
    It doesn't need a UI at all, all I want it to do is have a text file where I can manually write the names of items such as the annoying secondary stat foods I always end up having a million of after doing dailies.

    Any takers? (unless such an addon exists after all, in which case a forward would be nice ^^)

    edit: well, i forgot to search this forum, and it appears there might be some information here that does the trick (damn you google!), perhaps I don't need any help at all :P

    edit2: yup, found it (SellJunk if anyone's interested). I have to click a button for it to sell it but I guess I can live with that :P Lock'n load!
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    Seems like you may have found one but the one I use is TrashCan.

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    broker_garbage can also take custom lists.

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    I use VendorMaster - auto-sell greys, auto-buy lists, and auto-sell lists.
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    Seems like there are plenty of options then, I was just a little too quick on the trigger! At least now there are several options available if one miraculously doesn't work anymore after a patch
    Gotta say tho, it would be interesting to see if it was possible to like make a quick notepad file or two to achieve the same goal

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