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Played with Rift for a while around Cata times when i get bored with LFR spamming and etc.Have 3 lvl 50 character on Icewatch.I _really_ loved rift,was so massive,cool and total eyecady,even loved the pvp. I had only one problem (aside that i didnt feel the flow of my rogue tank,was just not comfortable to me in experts): playerbase was lower and lower after weeks.
So im thinking about playing rift and buying SL again (my guild is disbanded in wow,and casual lfr spamming/random hc is just not satisfying enough).
But my question is: is there any activity on Icewatch? Or what is the most populated eu server? (mainly defiant side,but dont mind to roll guardian).I just want a busy,populated server where i wont be alone.
TLDR: how is rift nowadays?
Sorry for my bad english btw,not my main.
I believe it's the highest populated shard in EU. I doubt you'll have any grouping issues there and shard transfers are free once a week if you can't find the home you're looking for there.