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    Sending someone down who has the buff you gain from being down is a loss of dps on the boss.

    My guild has 2 groups of dps who if we are lucky never get voodoo dolled and can always go down. But since that is not the case the last two dps will rotate in if one of the normal dps can't go in.

    As for healers, the one who is not voodoo dolled goes in. if they both aren't the one with lower mana goes in.
    This is how it should be done. Set up two groups of 2 dps 1 heal, the remaining 2 dps are backups. If someone in group 1 or group 2 is voodoo dolled, one of the backup dps goes in. Any multidotting class shines in the spirit realm. People have to be vocal, especially healers and communicate who can and can't go in. You should definitely try 2 healing, it will make the fight much easier for you. Even a shadowpriest in full healing gear will be better and can still assist with healing if needed. You should try taking a combat log. We could definitely give you a bit more advice on where your group is struggling if you had a log.

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    We two heal it, and use the extra DPS to go in and kill the mobs inside the Totem Realm. Remember also, your healers should spam like fuck when inside, so the DPS get their +% DPS bonus for outside and the boss dies faster.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    My guild also 2 heals this and I recommend it. We send our rogue down (he's typically one of the top dps) every time, and 1 healer. He calls out if he's getting behind on adds. (This typically happens once per fight, around the third totem). Then we send our feral to help him out. The healer comes out as soon as everyone is topped off.

    I like this strat because it only requires one person knowing how to maximize their dps in the spirit world, instead of 2 new people every time you go down. Obviously you'd use your own top dps for the spot, don't try to force someone into it because you heard their class is good in the spirit world. If a shadow priest/warlock is your worst dps, don't send 'em. If they're the top, apparently they pwn in there, so hook it up!

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    Ill try healing with 2 and bring in the extra dps see what happens i just dont want to force more pressure on us healers only b eing 2 of us as i said the realms dps situation is weirdly tough to get anyone atm :/

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    Your setup should be 2 tanks, 2 healers and 6 dps. First we did the same as people are stating above, creating teams etcetera, but this can become really confusing, as half a team can have the Voodoo debuff, then DPS start going in twice in a row, missing out on boss damage buff. Another problem is that you have 10 people thinking, and always 1 could be wrong. The problem with that is, that dps might think they have to go in spirit realm, ending up with 3 dps in spirit realm, wiping your raid. Also, you always have one or two not tracking how long they have voodoo debuff, etc, so basicly, this is just a bad idea.

    So, what I strongly advise, is simply call out the names of the people that need to go in the spirit realm. It is actually very simple. When you pull the boss, he will give debuff after 10-sec something to a tank, a dps and a healer. Immediatly after that, you call out the name of the healer that does not have the debuff, and 2 dps. Now, before voodoo runs out, you can already assign the healer with voodoo debuff to the 2nd and 3 spirit totem. You other healer will get debuff for the next 2 spirit totems, so he is in 4th totem. The dps that got voodoo debuff at the start, will also be in 2nd totem, added with a random dps. If that random dps gets voodoo, simply replace him with another dps that didnt went in the first time.

    Now, I have to add, in the start this can be a bit confusing for the raidleader, especially whenever you assign yourself to a Totem. The tip I can give you, is to announce very early, I often do it right after the people went in the prio one. If something changes with voodoo, let people be vocal, calling out they have debuff, but also keep an eye on that by yourself. This makes sure you dont have to panicly assign someone.

    Make sure you dont slack on killing adds. With 6 dps, you have enough time to spend some in spirit realm. At 25%, ignore spirit realm, stack up and nuke the boss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashenz View Post
    Ill try healing with 2 and bring in the extra dps see what happens i just dont want to force more pressure on us healers only b eing 2 of us as i said the realms dps situation is weirdly tough to get anyone atm :/
    Its not about the pressure on healers only while undergeared u wont make it with enrage time anywway if ur 3 healing this especially if u say ur dps ur dps is not too great . make sure one of the healers geares up his dps os too cause there will be more figths which ull need to 2 heal.

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    We regularly farm 10m Gara'jal (N) at this point and it honestly comes down to good communication and saving heroism/bloodlust for the burn phase. (At like 22% or in that range when he changes behavior.

    This is how we do it. Make two groups of DPS. Have at least one DoT class in each if possible. The two healers (<- disc priest and holy pally or resto shaman for us) are isolated from the rotation and go in depending on which healer is "dolled" at the time. You should also have two other DPS as backups for the first two groups (preferably assigned to either group to make it "seemless") so that if a DPS calls out their name and says "dolled" they rush to the totem when it comes up. When the boss is nearly to his mini-zerk change you call out that "this is the last totem" and no one goes into another one. It's imperative that no one is down during it if there's any chance your healers or tanks can't handle the damage lasting even fifteen seconds longer.

    I played Windwalker in the last one and used my Touch of Death to take down an add as quick as possible. While a hunter/rogue DoT'd up as many adds as possible and burned at least one down. Above anything else, communication is what wins this encounter.
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    I would highly recommend giving the "GarajalAnnounce" addon a try. My guild started using it, and we went from wiping on it with regularity to one shotting it each week, even with new people in our 25m group. It's extremely helpful.

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    Thank you to everyone who has supplied information to help assist my guild we raid monday so we have taken all this on board and hopefully will bash a 3/6 on our thirs raid to MSV. I will also give the addon a try just to see how it works aswell!

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