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    [H] Re-Roll - Voices Within - Recruiting. Nov 14th Start

    Thank you for inquiring of this new reroll guild set to deploy soon.

    Quick Access Information:
    Guild Name: Voices Within
    Server Name: (being decided) - options in members area
    Faction: Horde
    Website: VoicesWithin.guildlaunch.com

    Voices Within is an upcoming reroll guild currently recruiting for our opening class.
    This is a no BS adult guild (I am 30 years old) with standard rules and regulations.

    All current information you will be needing to decide if you want to apply can be located on the website forums FAQ and

    Direct Links:
    Reroll Specific FAQ: http://voiceswithin.guildlaunch.com/...370&gid=287184
    General FAQ: http://voiceswithin.guildlaunch.com/...325&gid=287184
    Code of Conduct: http://voiceswithin.guildlaunch.com/...497&gid=287184

    You may have seen other rerolls crop up in the past and are wondering what I can bring to make this reroll different and succesfull.
    I am very detailed individual and experienced in this process. I have been successful building and maintaining reroll guilds before and I do not plan on tarnishing my record with this.
    My experience as a GM and player is as follows
    Vanilla: Member of standard guild. Cleared AQ 40. Did not get in Naxx in time.
    Burning Crusade: GM of reroll guild "The Project." Late in expansion. Lvl 1 to Illidan kill in 4 months
    Wrath: GM of reroll guild "Rubicon." Lvl 1 to Lich King kill in 5 months
    Cataclsym: Officer of reroll guild. Lvl 1 to firelands clear in 5 months (before GM disbanded us)

    All guilds I have lead disbanded due to the next expansions coming out and players quitting.
    I am dedicated to the craft of building and leading a guild to be successful. I can not be successful unless 100% of the members are also successful.

    Important Information

    Raiding Schedule:
    Tuesday - 8:00PM - 11:30PM Central
    Wednesday - 8:00PM - 11:30PM Central
    Thursday - 8:00PM - 11:30PM Central
    Friday - Classic raids in Evening if members are on. (Optional)
    Saturday - Classic raids in Evening if members are on. (Optional)

    Reroll Date: 12/14/2012

    As to not repeat information I have already typed out please visit the website to learn everything you need to know to make your educated decision if you wish to apply.

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    A quick topping. Decent activity for so soon in the process.

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    9 days remaining.
    Classes still open.

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    5 days in counting.
    Over 25 signed up.

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