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    Gearing offspec: Ret -> Prot

    Would I be able to jump from Ret to Prot with my current gear? (Getting sword & board first, of course)
    I heard some stuff about the stat priorities being more or less the same for prot, so i figured I might aswell try it and see what it's like now, not played prot since my guild forced me to tank Hyjal quite a few years ago. :P
    Edit: I'm talking mostly about heroics here, not raids or challenge modes.
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    Definitely. Haste is very desired, and even though the haste/control build is supposedly harder to play than a basic mastery/control build your gear would be more than enough even for the first few MSV heroics. As you're currently running with 4 set Retri tier, I'd advice going for SW instead of HA, in which case I'd advice you to take a look at this thread.
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    Cool, thanks dude

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    For sure. You can even keep the retri 4p as it is great. I would say you have enough gear for 6/6 hc MSV and probably a big chunk of HoF HC

    Ah, if you are talking about 5 man hcs. For sure. I have been having a project where I tanked all 5hcs with res sickness in random pugs. Also tanked all hcs naked wearing only trinkets, rings, neck and a shield. No weapon. Really no gear required for 5 mans, you can pretty much tank in cloth intellect gear.

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