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    3 in one macro (sprint, rocket jump, nitro boots)

    I can't get how to write this macro
    I want Sprint that can be activated without modifier (so when I press macro I will sprint)
    Rocket Jump with ALT modifier
    Nitro Boots (something like /use 6) with SHIFT modifier
    and I want to see CD on each when I press shift or alt via #showtooltip
    I know It's difficult but I hope someone can help me

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    /cast [nomod] Sprint
    /cast [mod:alt] Rocket Jump
    /use [mod:shift] 6
    Not sure if it is 6, but you'll be able to sort it out, I'm sure. Alternatively you can put the name of your waist where 6 is written.

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    /use [nomod]Sprint; [mod:alt]Rocket Jump; [mod:shift]6;

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    omg, thanks a lot guys !
    I thought it will be more difficult to write ^^

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    A trivial point: If you don't want the button to show a question mark when you press Ctrl, then do this to have it fallback to Sprint:

    /use [mod:alt]Rocket Jump;[mod:shift]6;Sprint

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    Press them all at once and you might make it from Azeroth to Outland without a portal.

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