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    Switching from Orochi (Gaming mice discussion)

    So I've decided to add more keybinds to my interface, and therefore need a mouse with more than two side buttons, unlike my Razer Orochi (which I love by the way). Comparison between death-adder (left) and Orochi (right)
    I must say that I don't have small hands, but when it comes to this mouse I hold it in a weird yet comfortable way: The tip of my palm rests on the back bump of the mouse while the tip of my fingers, which are barely crouched, find themselves on the edge of the right/left buttons.

    I've already done some research and have decided that I'd like something that isn't as big as say the Death Adder, but with a palm grip (at least on the thumb side) and a decent amount of buttons. It's not going to be a Razer Naga (simply because I don't find the button alignment any good). I first set my eyes on the Raxer Naga Hex
    , only to find some extremely mixed reviews about it: Some said the glossy cover was annoying, Synapse 2.0 buggy and the button placement wasn't good at all if your hand size didn't match. Others praised it.
    Then I got interested in the R.A.T 7 gaming mouse, but had seen that it might not be very comfortable for the fingers resting on the primary clicking buttons. Another issue people noted was the fact that the cursor would tend to slip to the bottom right of the screen.

    So I've decided to ask users on MMO-C for advice since most users might share the same interests as me, and are more reliable in my opinion. I'd like to know if anyone has a decent idea about these two mice and if the rumors around them are true. If you have any other propositions I'd be pleased to hear them
    Thanks for reading.

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    I have a RAT7 and I love it. I can tell you that you should find a place that will let you try one before you count it out. If you close your eyes and place your hand on the mouse(after adjusting it to fit your hand) you will not feel any seams or ridges or holes that you may see while looking at it. It has a smooth comfortable surface under any part of my hand that touches it. It looks like a rugged machine, but myself and my friends all agree that it feels nothing like it looks, if that makes sense. Plus adjustable weight and durable hardware.

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    Logitech G300 & G600 comes to mind, I believe they fall in between those two mice in size.

    I have also had experience with the Naga Hex and I hated it, it was too small (to the point where my hand/fingers started hurting) and the glossy finish made my hand sweat like a sock.

    Currently using a SteelSeries Cataclysm mouse, can't say I'm overjoyed with it but it get's the work done. I'll probably going to switch to something more comfortable (QPad 5K) when this one breaks.
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