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    Serpent flight pattern :S

    Does anyone else get dizzy looking at the serpent mount while flying ? It has erratic zig-zag movements lol.

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    Try going underwater with it! Weeeeeee~
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    Try flying the dragon aspect mount from the store, not very fun to ride.

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    I find the bouncing of a raptor mount to be far more dizzying than the cloud serpents, but that's just me.

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    for me worst mount to ride on is yak. This extremly fast bouncing is horrible.

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    I can't stand mounts with odd movement patterns or ones that adjust my camera to be higher than normal. =\ I stick to my dark Phoenix due to its small size (also, suits a BE shadow priest ;D)

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    Back when arch came out was lucky to get the fossil raptor mount early, used it once, the movement of it just made me never go back to it

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    Naw, it's movement is a fluid slithering motion, so it doesn't bother me. As some have said, the rapid bouncy of raptors is worse.

    However, while I used to use drake mounts almost exclusively in Wrath, since Cata, and including Mists, I don't use any of them anymore, even though I still happily collect them for my list, simply because I now use two criteria for flying mounts:

    1) Can be used both in an regular flyable zone, as well as zones that are no-fly (BG's, Tol Barad, BE/Draenei starting zones, DMF, etc)
    2) Is not going to make me hit my head on a door way when I want to fly directly into the AH/Bank/etc and run in place instead of actually entering the building.

    As such, none of my drakes get used anymore.

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    It did take some getting used to. It makes sense for a serpent flying alone, but I definitely wouldn't want to ride one in real life. xD

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    There's a weird kind of shuntering with the animation when flying the serpent mount. Best I can describe it as is like something buffering wrong every time it loops its animation, like something out of sync.


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    Quote Originally Posted by nemro82 View Post
    for me worst mount to ride on is yak. This extremly fast bouncing is horrible.
    Oh no, the extreme bouncing is adorable. The yak is easily my favorite mount.

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    No, but dragonhaws make me feel dizzy.

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    It's not nearly as nauseating as the exaggerated flapping of protodrakes.
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    Dizzying? XD I love that flight pattern!!!

    Take the following stepsL
    1. Alt + Z
    2. Go in Pandaria or some other beautiful zone with lots of birdges cliffs and/or trees.
    3. Mount up on your Cloud Serpent
    4. Set off
    5. Click both mouse buttons simultaneously to fly forwards, choose flight direction and move camera at the same time. Moving camera in the same way the serpent flies then fly under bridges, make circles in air and other stutns.
    6. Feel like an expert real life dragon raider
    7. ....
    8. Profit
    9. Ye I'm serious!

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