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    Returning Player Lvl 1-10

    Alright so after doing some online research I decided to Roll a Sith Inquisitor, however throughout leveling I could not help but notice how squishy I felt. Anytime more than 2 groups would aggro, even with a health pot I knew I was going to die. Is this the general feeling throughout leveling? I remember when I played my Sith Warrior I hardly took damage and unless it was an overtuned fight that required 3+ people I would not die.

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    Yeah, that's pretty much right. If you are not super geared or have a companion capable of holding aggro you can die if you pick up too many mobs. It's better to pace yourself and pull single groups at a time. The only time this will really change is if you overgear/overlevel the content or if you have a very high presence bonus due to legacy and your companions become subsequent meat shields (even your clothie dps companions, imperial agent, I'm looking at you) if you sent them in to attack first.

    Another pain in the ass problem with the inquisitor is that you pick up your companion at a ridiculously slow rate compared all the other classes in the game. Hell, you don't get your 2nd companion until Tattooine and you don't get your last companion until VOSS on that class.

    I would say just try to keep your companions geared up and take some time to surf the GTN for level appropriate upgrades for yourself or your companions if the prices are ok.
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    Low Level SI are a little squishy but there should be nothing on Korriban that you can't handle if you are remotly sensible about your pulls.
    Mobs usually hang around in groups...anything up to 4 weak mobs or maybe a couple of weak and a strong. Stick to just pulling one group and you should be fine, unless you are quite well geared if you pull more than 2 strongs at a time you could be in trouble especially if there are also some weaks in there as well.
    Stick to the usual rules of ploughing through the weak mobs and leave the strong(s) to last, remembering to using any knock or stuns you have to reduce the incoming damage. Even elites of the same level should be doable as long as you are using your biggest damage per resource per cast time abilities.
    As you gain more abilities the SI becomes quite durable, especially if you go the tanking spec, but even the sorcerer has a few tricks up their sleeves to stay alive.
    Also when you get your companion groups of mobs become a lot easier to manage.

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