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    [H] 25 Man <Project Icarus> on Ner'zhul 8/16N

    <Project Icarus> started in WOTLK with a rapidly successful 10 man early on. We grew into a top competing 25 over the course of the expansion. We are a casual guild with a core of hardcore players. From former top 100 guild players, to the always casual, we have a diverse array of talent. Many of us have known each other for quite a long time through out the years of World of Wracraft. We came together to form a casual guild that wasn't only fun to play in, but offered good progression at the same time.

    Ner'zhul - PVP is a Pacific server part of the Bloodlust battle group housed in a Los Angeles data center and has one of the most even Horde/Alliance balances around. It has been called home by many successful guilds over the years and is a healthy, active server that does not stress you out with overpopulation making various daily activities easier.

    Raids & Guild Events
    Raids are Wednesday, Sunday, Monday from 7-10pm pacific.
    Outside of raids you will find an active guild. We do regular retro raids for fun, mounts, and legendaries.

    MV 6/6N
    HoF 3/6N

    Project Icarus is known for being a 25 man guild that has fun and kills bosses. We are looking to bolster our roster to continue to progress Heroic Dragon Soul. We are currently seeking a small mix of the following, although any good app will be highly considered.

    • Death Knight Low
    • Druid Medium - Balance
    • Hunter Low
    • Mage Medium
    • Monk High - Windwalker
    • Paladin Medium - Holy
    • Priest Low
    • Rogue Medium
    • Shaman Low
    • Warlock Low
    • Warrior Low

    Please apply at project-icarus.org. Even if your class/spec was not listed, we encourage anyone who thinks they would be a good addition to our guild to apply.

    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Raethia, Tlielax, Desona, Symmone or Jjmackey. One of our members will be happy to redirect you if we are on an alt.

    Thank you for your interest in Project Icarus. We look forward to maintaining our reputation of being a great guild that gets things done.

    25 man horde guild on Ner'zhul, raids 3 nights a week (Wed/Sun/Mon) for 3 hours (7-10PM pacific).
    6/6N MSV, 3/6N HoF
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