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    Raidfinder Taoren vs Normal Fang kung

    so, i am currently in possesion of the normal ilvl 489 Fang Kung, and ilvl 483 raidfinder Taoren.

    i am 1 sigil of wisdom away from the gem, so i was wondering, before spending valor points on upgrading weapons..

    should i use the Taoren with gem, or Fang kung without gem?

    i'm on a small server, currently progressing through HoF, so it will be a long time before i ever see hc Fang kung or normal Taoren.

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    I use the rf Taoren myself. This included the epic gem and 2 upgrades. Femaledwarf shows large dps boost against the Fang

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    If you kill Lei Shi every week on normal you should wait for the normal gun if you don't wanna use 10k gold for another gem for that. Upgrading LFR gear is not recommended at all if you go atleast normal every week.

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    Come on, theres a thread about the exact same topic still on the front page, don't be that lazy

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    weird, i was looking through the first 3 pages to see if there were a similar topic without anything there, and now i see there is one :/ weird, i'm getting blind

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