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    Celestial Dragon
    Oasis Moth
    Amber Moth

    OP comps with 2x sleep, 2x 1 turn block, always goes first, dragon can self heal and tank the slime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenbeef View Post
    do the rare snails work for all the tamers or just the thundering one?
    Snails are the only critter that has an aquatic attack. They defend against elemental attacks and hit hard against elementals. They're elemental killers. So yes, it's pretty much a team staple against the spirit tamers, since they all have an elemental on their teams. Snails are also tanky enough to go up against pretty much anything with no beast moves and survive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenbeef View Post
    do the rare snails work for all the tamers or just the thundering one?
    rare snails work against any elemental that does not have beast attacks.
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    I used Snarly, Spirit of Competition, and Clockwork Gnome. Blood in the Water destroys Elementals.

    For the beast types, I recommend any mechanical. And then dragons or magic to take down flying types (Dragonkin resist flying).

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    i went with two classic, clockwerk and onyxia and started with crab against the elemental first and prayed i wont get the proc stun from elementals second attack, sicne its basically GG at that point.

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    Thanks for the tip about the snails, using a 23 rare silkbead snail and it's tearing them to pieces lol :S

    picked the earth elemental from the quest and got the fire elemental from my first daily so the two i found the hardest are out of the way forever :S
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    Grab a Fluxfire and one-shot whatever enemy pet gives you trouble. The damn thing hits (hit, not crit) for 1800, up to 2600 on "strong" targets. I don't want to watch a crit from it. I beat all the tamers today switching between a celestial dragon, fel flame, shore crab and fluxfire.

    The horror.
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    Earth guy kill Guide:
    Guide to defeat him:
    1.0) Get a Ghostskull for his Rat.
    1.0.1) Spells: Shadow Slash & Ghostly Bite
    1.1) Get any Pet with a good Beast Ability Attack. (Foxlings for example)
    1.2) Get any Pet with a good Elemental Ability Attack. (Frogs for example)

    2) If you start fighting him, always start vs his Slim.
    2.1) Pick your Beast Ability Attack Battlepet. You should be able to kill his pet in 3-4 rounds. Your Battlepet must be able to survive atleast one more round after it killed the Slim. If you got problems with that, try to fight him till the Expunge misses (moderate chance of missing).
    2.2) His second Pet is always himself as Battlepet. He'll waste both of his stuns on your Beast Ability Pet which also kills it.
    2.3) Summon your second Battlepet (with any good Elemental Ability Attack.) You should be able to kill his Elemental in 3rounds.
    2.4) When he summons his third & last Battlepet, you also switch to your Undead Skull.
    2.5.1) He casts his & you'll switch your pet.
    2.5.2) He'll start with burrow, you can do anything. Maybe even just pass.
    2.5.3) He comes up, you take 600dmg. You'll damage him with Shadow Slash for 200-300 (1500-1600hp rest).
    2.5.4) He'll do Stone Rush, you take 600dmg. He loses 200hp, you'll damage him with Shadow Slash for 200-300 (1100-1200hp rest).
    2.5.5) He'll pass one round since he has no spells. You'll damage him with Shadow Slash for 200-300 (900-1100rest)
    2.5.6) Now he has all his spells ready again. Whatever he is doing, you'll win.
    Stone Rush? You can attack him once (he'll damage himself for 200 & you finish him off with Ghostly Bite)
    Burrow? You can attack him twice (after Burrow + Undead passive)
    Stoneskin? You can attack him atleast three times. Check Burrow/Stone Rush

    Whatever happens; you'll win since your 2nd Battlepet is still alive.
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    I followed the advice here regarding using a snail. Fortunately I got a rare rapana whelk quite quickly. Without leveling it to 25, it still granted me victory within two tries (or one, depending on the spirit tamer). Funnily enough, when I went for a rematch to complete their dailies, I was annihilated multiple times.

    Regardless, even though I wasn't the one who started the thread, thanks for the advice
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    got all 4 pets...anything else to work for? after the pandarian spirits? >.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenbeef View Post
    got all 4 pets...anything else to work for? after the pandarian spirits? >.<
    Got them all too and the raid ones <3 Mr.Bigglesworth! Try the raid achievement if you haven't already? lots of new rares to be caught too, like arcane eye, lofty libram etc. Swamprush Rodent!

    Oh also the Brawlers Guild pet Clock'em !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenbeef View Post
    got all 4 pets...anything else to work for? after the pandarian spirits? >.<
    There is the new Pet Trainer in the Darkmoon Faire. His bag has a rare chance at a Darkmoon Eye, which resembles the one on the Darkmoon sign. It costs a token to face him and he's only available during the faire. I was lucky enough to get it on the final day.

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    Rapana Whelk is BY FAR the best possible pet for these tamers, it makes them all trivial. (Particularly the earth one, which I found the hardest) he has strong aquatic abilites, which is uber effective against ALL elementals. Dive not only does 800-1500 damage, but can also be timed to avoid abilities like geyser and whirlpool. And on top of all that, hes a critter so he insta breaks out of the earth elementals stuns.

    Farm a rare, or use a stone. Either way you won't regret the investment.

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