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    [A] Blood DK/Ret/Resto Shm LF Home

    A Little About Us

    We are hardcore level players with a long history of raiding experience dating back to the days of EverQuest and vanilla WoW. Some of our more notable achievements include US #50 raiding, Gladiator titles, and server first guild/raid leadership experience. We value teamwork and pride ourselves on progression. We reside on a full server (Proudmoore), but the raiding and PVP scene collectively is somewhat limiting compared to where it was in previous expansions.

    What We're Looking For

    In a nutshell: A stable, relaxed but efficient and competitively progressive raiding team to call home for this expansion and beyond. Preferably 3-4 days a week, between 8PM - 1AM.

    If interested, reply to this post or contact us via bnet.

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    Still looking. Strongly prefer Alliance.

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    Our needs:
    Deathknight (tank) high
    Druid (balance) high
    Druid (restoration) medium
    Druid (feral-dd) low
    Druid (feral-tank) high
    Hunter medium
    Mage medium
    Monk (tank/healer) low
    Paladin (holy) high
    Paladin (protection) medium
    Priest (dd) medium
    Shaman (elemental) low
    Shaman (restoration) medium
    Warlock medium
    Warrior (protection) high

    Progression Status:
    5/6 HMSV
    2/6 HHoF (6/6 Normal HoF)
    4/4 Normal ToES.

    Raid times are 8PM-1130PM MST Tuesday / Wednesday /Thursday
    We also have a second raid with lesser progression at 8PM-1130PM MST Sunday/Monday

    We expect ALL raiders to come prepared with proper enchants, gems and reforges. We supply feasts for minor stats but we prefer that raiders come prepared with their own 300 or 450 stat food for their respected classes. Raiders must come to raids with a general understanding of raid mechanics and strategies.

    Our Guild:
    We have come a long way when it comes to progression and maintaining our guild as a whole. We strive to bring the best possible environment inside and outside of progression raiding. Like most people, we tend to be laid back on our off-nights and have a great selection of individuals to converse with in our Mumble server. Our ages vary from 16-50 and have a diverse group of individuals who are willing to theorycraft or chat it up when relevant. We take progression seriously. We set our sights on a target and strive to accomplish the goals we set. If this is something that you may be looking for feel free to apply at Churchguild.org or you may contact me in-game if you have any further questions regarding the guild or a possible position.

    Here is the directory to our application page: churchguild.org/forms.php?do=form&fid=1

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