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    Finally got a chance to jungle her a bit lately, her ganks are a lot better than what I'd previously thought if you don't mess up your Q when engaging. And after 6 she can tower dive if the lane helps out without much risk. Been going with a R>Q=>E>W priority (that is to say, maxing Q before E, but keeping them the same rank whenever possible), the mobility is very, VERY helpful, and in the mid-game skirmishes it has saved my life more than once and gotten kills as well (using Q twice or even thrice in a prolonged engage). I'm considering giving up flash for a ghost or exhaust for better pre-6 ganks since I pretty much just use flash if I fuck up. Thoughts on this?

    As for item build, I'm getting the tenacity spirit stone, berserker boots, frozen mallet, blade of the ruined king, guardian angel with a situational last or second to last item. I found the berserker boots help a lot early and mid-game, but if I finally get some games longer than 30m, I might decide to replace them and the stone for tenacity boots, and atmog. The only problem with my build so far seems to be that I don't really have any room for magic resist this way. On the other hand, since I'm definitely not planning to play a tank, but a bruiser, is it perhaps better to not look at MR at all considering most APCs nowadays go for guise + boots + Mpen marks anyway and just go for more health? (I realise it sounds a bit silly, but is there merit to the idea perhaps?)

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    What ability is everyone leveling in lane? Up until today I was leveling Q first, then at 2 getting 1 point in W, then R>Q>E>W

    But today I went E>W>Q>E>E>R to start with and had a very good laning phase against a Darius, who I utterly smoked by the end of the game.

    I felt that the ability to poke and farm was better with E, but Q had a better ability to burst and kill with.

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    In lane, I balance E + W (starting with E), since a maxed E pushes your lane soooo quickly. In jungle, I start with W, then E.

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    Because of the way her shield passive works, health stacking is actually really effective on her I've found.

    Warmogs + Fmallet makes her a tank, and makes her practically unkiteable between Fmallet + Q

    I also built a Banshee's Veil in a long game, which got a little silly how tough I was - at that point I had like 4k+ health (in a dps runes/spec) - so each shield was 400+ and with double E charges you can stagger them for 800 bonus health while your engaged. So, you can make a fun tank / bruiser out of her, which I think is the way I prefer to go - she's kind of odd to play as a fighter, tried it a few times and didn't like it - then once I found the tanky build I didn't bother going back.
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    I think Vi is a great character. Thinking of buying that champion and try to perfect her moves.

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